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DEDICATED to protecting and defending the rights and dignity of our clients through zealous, compassionate, high quality legal advocacy.

Office of the Public Defender

The Virginia Indigent Defense Commission (VIDC) manages 28 Public Defender Offices and 2 satellite offices serving communities throughout Virginia. Each Public Defender Office handles trial and appellate cases and try cases in the General District, Juvenile, and Circuit Courts.

Certified Counsel List

Code of Virginia § 19.2-163.01 requires the Virginia Indigent Defense Commission to compile and maintain a list of attorneys that are certified and qualified to accept court-appointed cases.

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Court-Appointed Counsel Certification

The multiple requirements that attorneys meet before being certified and eligible to accept court-appointed cases in Virginia is outlined in Code of Virginia §19.2-163.03. After completing the Initial Certification process, attorneys maintain eligibility every two (2) years by completing on-going continued legal education hour requirements.

Resources for Certified Counsel

Certified court-appointed attorneys have access to an online library of criminal defense resources. Additionally, free, live on-going legal education training opportunities are offered to all certified attorneys as well as all employees of the Office of the Public Defender.

Standards of Practice for Indigent Defense Counsel

Certified court-appointed attorneys must comply with the Standards of Practice for Indigent Defense Counsel. The Standards give meaning to the Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel and further the overall goal of zealous and high-quality legal representation for each and every client.

Statutory Authority

Code of Virginia § 19.2-163.01 established the powers and duties of the Virginia Indigent Defense Commission. The Commission is supervisory and has sole responsibility for the powers, duties, operations, and responsibilities set forth in the code section.

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Commission Meetings & Members

The Commission consists of 14 members that are statutorily established by Code of Virginia § 19.2-163.02. Commission members meet quarterly to review and discuss the operations and needs of the agency.

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We are committed to equal employment opportunity for all persons on the basis of merit and the bona fide occupational requirements of the positions allocated, including knowledge, skills and ability. We encourage and welcome qualified applicants of all identities, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.

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