Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I get certified to take court appointed cases?
2. I have completed the necessary requirements for certification. How do I start receiving court appointments?
3. I have questions related to payment on my court appointed voucher. Who should I contact?
4. To re-certify, do I have to take the entire 10 hour Initial Certification course?
5. I’ve been representing criminal clients for many years. Can I receive a waiver of the re-certification requirements?
6. Can I take online courses to satisfy the re-certification requirement?
7. How do I know if a course I took (or plan to take) meets the criteria for felony, misdemeanor, juvenile or capital certification/re-certification?
8. Do my GAL credits count towards my certification requirements?
9. Why can’t you just get my hours from the Virginia State Bar?
10. Can I satisfy the four hour juvenile re-certification requirement by teaching a juvenile MCLE course?
11. Can I represent an adult in juvenile court even if I have not received my juvenile certification?
12. What happens if I fail to re-certify before my two-year expiration date?
13. I’ve taken the bar exam, but I haven’t received my results yet. Can I take the Initial Certification training class anyway?
14. Where can I get a copy of the Standards of Practice?
15. I just saw an attorney in court who appeared to be violating the Standards of Practice. What should I do?