Statutory Authority

Virginia Code §§ 19.2-163.01 and 19.2-163.8 require the Virginia Indigent Defense Commission, and for capital defense counsel, the Supreme Court of Virginia, to compile and maintain a list of attorneys qualified to represent accused persons who are in need of criminal indigent defense services.


REQUIREMENTS: Mandatory Standards of Practice for Indigent Defense Counsel Once an attorney is certified to serve as court-appointed counsel for indigent defendants, the attorney is required to meet the Standards of Practice. The Standards of Practice is enforced through a complaint process. A finding of a violation of the Standards may result in the removal […]

Capital Defense Certification

Defense attorneys wishing to be eligible for appointment in capital cases must meet certain requirements depending on the case type for which they apply (see below).  An attorney whose application is approved will be included on the capital appointment list required by Va. Code Sec. 19.2-163.8(B) for a period of four (4) years or until December 1st of […]