This detailed guide discusses the constitutional rights you are entitled to and provides proper courses of actions you can take during encounters with police.

If you encounter law enforcement officials, you can present this card (signed by your attorney) if you don't want to speak about your pending case.

This document discusses the constitutional rights you are entitled to (regardless of citizenship status) if you encounter any police or law enforcement officials.

Helpful Organizations

Employment & Long-Term Housing
OAR of Richmond
Real Life Community Center
Assistance for Families with Loved Ones in Department of Correction (DOC)
Assisting Families of Inmates
Secure Housing after Incarceration
Community Service Opportunities
Medical, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Treatment
Richmond Behavioral Health Authority
The Daily Planet
In-Patient Substance Abuse Treatment
McShin Foundation
Oxford Recovery Homes
True Recovery RVA
Transportation Services
Drive to Work
GRTC Bus Services
Community Substance Abuse Services
AA Richmond